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    HD FP Driver Suits by Scorpyo Empty HD FP Driver Suits by Scorpyo

    Post by DHL1960 on Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:36 pm

    FP HD driver suit fix by Scorpyo

    From the first day when BariCZ have released his HD FP driver textures I was annoyed with the fact that they had problems with Alpinestars gloves which was caused because he just flipped texture for left (or right, I'm not sure anymore) glove when he was making another glove and that caused logos to be inverted. I'm sure that most people didn't even notice that but I did and that bothered me a lot. Furthermore, even if you could have many different styles of gloves you couldn't have many different suits colours. In fact you could only have one red and one blue suit and all other styles have white suit in combination with different gloves. I have redo the gloves and all logos are now properly oriented. I also made new suit colours so now we have 10 body styles with 8 different body colours and 10 gloves styles. Those styles are 01 - 10. All styles are listed below.

    01 - Black Alpinestars suit, Black Alpinestars gloves
    02 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue Alpinestars gloves
    03 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green Alpinestars gloves
    04 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red Alpinestars gloves
    05 - White Alpinestars suit, White Alpinestars gloves
    06 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue MOMO gloves
    07 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green MOMO gloves
    08 - Grey Alpinestars suit, Grey MOMO gloves
    09 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red MOMO gloves
    10 - Yellow Alpinestars suit, Yellow MOMO gloves

    Another problem was that he didn't make a mesh for custom FP driver body style and also he has never released the template so that you can make your own HD FP driver body textures. That resulted with many mods that have custom FP driver body textures but those textures are made with default GTR2 FP driver body texture template which is low res and many people actualy didn't use those custom textures because of that.  To fix that  I made new body style, 00, which is assigned to custom texture. To have custom FP driver body texture set FP driver body style in genstring to 00 and place your texture in team folder with name "DRIVERBODY_CUSTOM.DDS" and all drivers of that team will use that texture. Be aware that if you set FP driver body style to 00 but don't create texture in team folder game will CTD as I couldn't put the default texture in this mod because then your custom texture won't show in game as it will ALWAYS use the default texture.

    Final problem which this mod is fixing wasn't caused by BariCZ files, but it exist in many car mods. That problem is the fact that sometimes when you drive the car and driver head move you can see through the driver chests. In my conversions I often had a lot of problems with positioning FP driver and default viewpoint as if I wanted to have best viewpoint I'll end up with looking through driver chest and therefore I had to make some compromises about viewpoint as FP driver body have to be positioned relative to steering wheel and there's nothing that can be done except to use that one position where hands are actually on the steering wheel. That problem is solved by making the chests transparent and therefore when you create custom texture don't bother painting logos or anything else on chests as you won't be able to see them anyway.

    mediafire.com file/9bpo5kxx0yh691w/HD%20FP%20driversuit%20fix%20by%20Scorpyo.7z

    mediafire.com file/jaeuznzdecygyph/HD+FP+driversuit+template+by+Scorpyo.7z

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