Female F1 - Really?


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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Female F1 - Really?

    Post by DanicaDZ on Fri May 22, 2015 7:21 pm

    It seems the idea is not a joke...at least for some...

    "Female driver says F1 series for women good idea?!"
    "A female racing driver has tentatively welcomed plans for an all-women's formula one series.

    Bernie Ecclestone revealed in Malaysia last weekend that a separate championship just for women would spice up the sport.

    "It is only a thought at the moment," he told reporters at Sepang, "but they could race before the main event, or perhaps on the Saturday so that they had their own interest."

    Williams' test driver is Susie Wolff, and Lotus has just signed Carmen Jorda as a development driver, but Ecclestone observed: "For some reason, women are not coming through (to race in F1), and not because we don't want them.

    "Of course we do -- they would attract a lot of attention and publicity and probably a lot of sponsors."

    The proposal, however, was quickly slammed by Susie Wolff, who said she would prefer to continue her quest to join the grid as "a normal competitor".

    "I can hand on heart say it would not interest me at all to win such a (women's) race. I would rather not be in the race because what am I winning?

    "A race where they've just looked for any girl to make a grid up?" she wondered.

    With a slightly different view is Alice Powell, a 22-year-old Briton who has raced in several open-wheel series including F3 and GP3.

    "I have mixed views really because I'm used to racing against males," she told Sky.

    "It's one of the few sports in the world where men and women compete on the same level, and to me that's quite special," said Powell.

    "But I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to drive a formula one car, so in that sense I think it's a good idea."

    She concluded: "My question would be how would it be funded, because funding is already really, really hard."

    Carmen Jorda also supports the idea."

    Well, well , well.
    During all my career i said it before, and will say it again!!!

    Creating a Female F1 would be telling us girls ... YOU CAN NOT BE AS FAST AS WE GUYS , so we created a special room for you girls to play , and pretend you're in f1...when in fact... YOU'RE NOT!!!

    Just like Susie i find this pathetic and only good for those that can not compete.

    No wonder Alice Whatever her Name is and guess what?...Supertalented LMFAO  Carmen Jorda like the idea.

    Well .... I DONT!!!

    Will I have to change gender to race in REAL F1?!

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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Re: Female F1 - Really?

    Post by Jempy on Fri May 22, 2015 10:43 pm

    Ecclestone's sentence is speaking for itself:

    "Of course we do -- they would attract a lot of attention and publicity and probably a lot of sponsors."

    That's the 1st and surely the only reason for this idea.

    Changing Team managers and Constructor managers mentality ... is, I think, the fundamental way of seeing more women drivers at this level of competition.

    You didn't need such a special championship to be a winner .... as in rally french woman driver Michèle Mouton didn't need a special championship to win 4 world rallies and be 2nd at 1982's World Rally Championship.


    Female F1 - Really? Jempy-10

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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Re: Female F1 - Really?

    Post by hmmguy on Sat May 23, 2015 3:09 am

    What a load of crap! While of course it would be fantastic to see women in F1, they need to earn their way there through driving ability and that means with the men. As was said here, this is one sport where genitalia doesn't make or break it. If a woman is strong enough and able to control the car, then it's an even playing field. Also, there in lies a problem as has already been seen with the INDY series and that is bringing in women that just don't have what's needed to go as fast as is required safely. One word...Milka Rolling Eyes  rabid mad  Nuff said eh? lol!  Hmm...here's where I feel weird writing this to you. Are you really Danica Sue or a huge fan? If a fan, cool enough and no questions asked. If it really is you jawdrop surprised  then, I hope to not come across as a leg-humper no way  but I truly am honoured shake hands   cool2  Just had to put that out there. Sorry. Embarassed

    Anyway, if no sexism exists regarding female drivers being able to get a seat in an F1 car, it will simply be a matter of time. As racing is taken up by more and more girls and them developing through years and years of it, it WILL be the norm for an F1 female driver one day. And you will be an icon of women's efforts to get there in racing far beyond what you already are.

    peace bro

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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Re: Female F1 - Really?

    Post by MrWonka on Sat May 23, 2015 6:54 am

    I prefer that drivers (male or female) be evaluated on talent mainly,racing is quite possibly the most gender neutral sport around. Understanding as well that looks and a winning personality help with funding and media exposure but i think that goes both ways as well.Not in favor of this idea at all, go earn your spot on your merits.

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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Re: Female F1 - Really?

    Post by DanicaDZ on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:27 pm

    Said it before and will allway make a stand that
    I've never seen myself as a "Girl Driver" . I'm just a "Driver" , like all the guys on the grid.
    So , that pretty much expresses how i feel about this subject.

    And once again, thank you for all the support and kind words.

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    Female F1 - Really? Empty Re: Female F1 - Really?

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